Midsouth  Association  of
Independent  Schools

Since 1968, the MAIS has certified the educational integrity of its member schools, which have taken great pride in providing exceptional educational opportunities for children in the midsouth. The MAIS network of over 120 schools are integral participants in their communities, both economically and socially.

While athletic teams of member schools continue to prove their mettle at greater and greater levels of competition, academic achievements of students in member schools are at an all-time high with no sign of slowing down. MAIS schools place 96% of their graduates in four year and community colleges, with an average ACT score that is four points higher than the national average of college-bound students.

Eternal  Nutrition

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JM  Hughes  Group

Advocacy is defined as providing public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy. Our mission is to provide wise policy counsel to organizations that are seeking to improve the lives of our fellow Mississippians. In doing so, we put integrity first, team before self, and strive for excellence in all that we do.

We accomplish our mission by meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients while maintaining the highest degree of integrity and professionalism in all our efforts. We strive for prompt, professional communication, purposeful intentionality, creative problem solving, and to add value.

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