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Since July of 2021, over 460,000 college athletes have participated in marketing campaigns for businesses in exchange for products, gift cards, and cash payments. With that came questions from athletes, brands (businesses), and fans about this new era of college athletics. With all this in mind, we created a new kind of influencer marketing agency – focusing on the opportunity and responsibility before us.

Unlimited Agency exists in part to leverage NIL legislation and policy in order to empower athletes, brands, and fans. Through education and activation, we provide a “safe” environment to connect these three entities with one another in highly visible and meaningful ways. In short, we help you monetize your personal brand by sharing your story and the things that matter to you with the people you love.

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#Unlimited Compliance

Our team is always current on NIL policy and legislation. We work with universities to ensure compliance with all NCAA policies. Our agents ensure proper reporting of NIL transactions, proper financial tracking, proper marketing strategy, and compliant business practices.

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For decades, college athletes have asked for a seat at the table. With NIL legislation, they now have it. We have licensed agents who assist athletes in securing the unlimited influencer marketing opportunities afforded by this new era in college athletics. Our approach helps clients expand their influence and make meaningful connections to their fans and the brands they represent.


We create partnerships with local, regional, and national brands, resulting in highly-visible, “safe” connections with our clients that are consistent with NIL legislation and policy.


We understand how to connect online content creators with monetization opportunities. Don’t have a million followers? No problem. We work hard to source and partner with brands that best suit your voice and audience.

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Disclaimer: The information presented on this website serves as an example of what Unlimited Agency provides, only. The information in no way correlates as a direct or indirect solicitation to enter an agency contract with an Unlimited Agency’s athletic agent. Please follow your state laws and/or statutes and NCAA or NCJAA institution’s policies before contacting Unlimited Agency about our athletic agency services.