Social media influencer

Social Media Influencer

An undeniable synergy exists between brands and social media influencers. Whereas businesses are always seeking to exploit their brands and services to a greater audience, content creators are on a continual quest to broaden their social influence. We work with both to create a collective mission to advance their respective causes.

At Unlimited Agency, we seek to identify influencers whose personalities and audiences are suitable for existing business partners who are interested in engaging in a mutually beneficial partnership. We then pair our brand influencer clients with these businesses, and help create strategic marketing campaigns that maximize ROO or Return on Objective. In addition, we work to source new partnerships for our social media influencer clients, based upon their personal social and monetary goals.

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Brand Influencer Meets Business

We understand how to connect a social media influencer with local, regional, and national brands and develop compelling marketing campaigns. Don’t have a million followers? No problem. We work hard to source and partner with brands that best suit your voice and audience.

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